Program Overview

The Career Advantage Program (CAP) aims to bridge the gap between school studies and the needs of the workforce.  CAP provides an opportunity for students who are undertaking their senior secondary studies to also undertake extracurricular studies with the intent to gain the skills and aptitude to achieve rapid success in their post school careers.

The Career Advantage Program does this by;

  1. Providing a selection of training courses that can be completed alongside senior school studies.
  2. Regularly monitoring student progress against expected outcomes.
  3. Offering real-life business experience through regular work placement in the business environment.

The Career Advantage Program becomes a partnership between the student and:

  1. The Student
  2. A Business Sponsor
  3. CTI- as a Group Employer and a Registered Training Organisation.
  4. The School – monitoring and mentoring the student.

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2018 Career Advantage Program

CAP in 2018 has been redeveloped and will be structured to introduce students to essential elements that will give them a solid career foundation.

Year 11 2018 – Students enrolling in CAP will undertake a new Career Fundamentals course comprised of 5 units including:

  • Productivity: Time and Task Management
  • Professional Conduct in a Business Environment
  • Communication
  • Financial Life Skills
  • Project Management

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Year 12 2018 – Students continuing in CAP for another year will continue with the course they undertook in the previous year. This includes the nationally recognised courses of

  • FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting
  • BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business
  • BSB40615 Certificate IV in Business Sales
  • BSB42415 Certificate IV in Marketing And Communications

Students who were doing other Business courses will transfer to undertake selected units of the Career Fundamentals course.

Students who were doing the Adobe Graphics Design course can continue with this course or transfer the Career Fundamentals.


Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Nationally Recognised Qualifications are offered by CTI Registered Training Organisation (RTO). These courses are supported by RTO trainers and are formally assessed. A course is made up of units of competency. It is not expected that students complete an entire course through the Career Advantage Program. Each unit should take 30-50 hours on average to complete. Completion time is dependent on each individual student.


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Enrolment Process

The CAP enrolment process begins towards the end of the year prior to the program.

Students and their parents meet with the school campus Academic Care Team member to determine a suitable training pathway.

The campus Academic Care Team works in consultation with CTI to ensure that each participating student is enrolled.

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Information for Business Sponsors (CAP)

The Career Advantage Program provides employers with an ideal opportunity to contribute to the training of the future workforce and in the pre-selection of suitable candidates for their specific future industry career needs.

Business Sponsors agree to financially support the program and provide work placement/training under a host employer arrangement.

Students will need to record the workplacement hours on the CTI Employment on-line system. The host employer will be reminded to log on and verify the hours worked before payment can be made to the student.



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